Wisdom of Time Use

I constantly ask myself what is the best use of time. Everyday I question whether certain tasks are a misuse of time. I was talking to my father-in-law (super Christian) about what follows this life. As he stated (rough translation as he speaks Spanish and I ignorantly refuse to learn), “We must prepare for the future. I am happy in Guatemala…do I live in a huge house…no…but I am happy.”…”Are you happy, Miguel”.

I would like to think that I am happy. I am 29, married, one child on the way. I do safety compliance for work which is seemingly, a secure position at the moment. But what does it mean to be happy. While I know I am not the first person to think about this and will not be the last, there is a reality to all of this when we have an extensional experience. I’ve talked to other about this, most say I am thinking too much..others say I think to much of myself. Why do we spend the majority of our lives preparing for something that never really arrives. Grade school aim for graduation. Then, do it all over in college, then again in our careers. It’s an endless cycle of unattainable accomplishments.

Everyday I’m hustling until I die.

Regardless of what you believe in, we are unable to take any of this shit back with us when we die. Instead of telling myself that I need to work harder, I ask myself is this something that I want to waste time on.
There is nothing else except time. In our lives, there is time, birth, and death. Everything else is a only temporary. A choice. A decision. But even those will disappear when our lives end.

According to me death clock, I will die in 16027 Days, 18 Hours, 47 Minutes, and 40 sec…39sec….38 sec….Shit I need get off this post.

Death Clock.org Death Test