Left me Furious 7

Last night, my wife dragged me to watch the critically-acclaimed sequel of the Fast and Furious Franchise, Furious 7.  The show followed it’s typical format, an elaborate scheme to capture [insert any item] or use a pre-existing one like a  safe or car parts or oil or  a large vault of dildos, that can only be attained from the expert street racing team because the Mexican-cartel, Russian mafia, and U.S. govt have no better option.  If anything, Furious 7 left me curious as f*ck.  But I asked myself why I was so critical of this movie.  After all, although not the best comparison, I can watch Avengers without questioning the legitimacy of it’s realness.  If you treat this movie like a fictional street racing car-loving movie, you will find some enjoyment in it. From Vin Diesel hulking out and stomping through the roof of a parking garage to The Rock ripping a gun from a drone and shooting down a military helicopter. Throw in some parkour, poor CGI, and gratuitous ass flaunting, and now you have yourself a MFing movie. In addition to enjoying the wonderful cast, I did stare at Paul Walker’s face alot. I was told that they used his brother and CGI’ed his face on it. I could only tell on the very last scene when Vin Diesel pussies out and delivers his “I miss my friend” speech.  Overall, the special effects were decent, I watched in an IMAX which always has great picture and speaker position, and seeing people walk out of a Fast and Furious Movie crying made me want to follow them home, murder them, and reclaim the society’s future…but I was with my wife…who was also crying…so we went home and ate ice cream.


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