Free Comic Book Day 2015


While Free Comic Book Day is less than 24 hours away, we here at Empty Rant & The Last Page want to remind everyone who is participating tomorrow, that while the comic book’s are free to you, they are not free for the stores and shops providing them. They are in fact paid for (including shipping costs) by your Local Comic Shop or Retailer in order to host the event. Considering this, you should support these shop’s, especially the smaller and locally owned stores. In fact, most of the shops who host FCBD will also have sales and clearance items in order to offset the cost’s they spent on handing out hundreds of free books to the public as a courtesy. Buy a comic or a trade, ask your comic shop owner what he/she suggest you pick up if you’re new to comics, in fact FCBD is the perfect “jumping on point” for getting into a series as most publisher’s debut upcoming titles on this day. To find a participating store and for a full list of comics that will be available tomorrow , visit FREE COMIC BOOK DAY


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