Beer Me Three: Pauper Episode (051915)

Of our first themed beer podcast, our first idea was to do a “Pauper Podcast”. Rick had the idea from playing Magic The Gathering. In that, a “Pauper” deck was taking a deck which used rare/expansive cards, and using cheaper/more common substitutes to make it cheaper but still effective.

So for beer, it would be taking styles that have these awesome versions of them, and trying ones that are still really good, but much easier to get ahold of. For instance, regarding Double IPAs, Heady Topper from The Alchemist, and Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing are considered 2 of the best. Heady Topper has been the #1 beer on Beer Advocate for awhile now. However, Dirt Wolf from Victory Brewing is an awesome double IPA which I feel lives up to them. Its available, easy to find, pretty cheap, and delicious. Do I think the other ones taste better? Yes. But for the availability and price, dirt wolf rocks

Tonight we review Dirt Wolf, Old Rasputin, and Hobgoblin.



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