Shedding light on the DARK WEB *Scary sounds*

Lately, I feel like I’m posting too much on my Instagram account and becoming disconnected from myself. Simply taking a picture to remember a moment, and then forgetting about it. The one thing I love about podding and blogging is the experience for the author. Having an audience that listens to your occasion stream of conciseness and random thoughts are cool and all….but I started all this to help record the days…the weeks…the years of my life. If anything it serves as a personal record of what I was thinking at that time and helps me improve on my writing, with grammar errors and run-ons and dangling participles. I guess what I am trying to say is…I want to write more..but I don’t guarantee anything.

So, on #GroupRant 042, I talk about my experience on the Dark Web (also referred as the Deep Web, but not the Black Web…that’s racist….but colloquial racism is something we can get into another time.)

A simple google search for ‘Dark Web’ will provide the instructions to set up your TOR browser and access the onion sites. Even a search for ‘Dark Web Screenshots’ will provide a view into the dark web without having to download anything and risk your innocence.

But I am here to briefly write about the Dark Web while the poop monster is sleeping.


While people like Tony and my sister my find it weird that I enjoy the Dark Web, it’s not the illegal porn or live smut or variety of drugs or stolen guns or hitmen or human experimentation or price of organs that draw me in, it’s the community itself. You are worth more dead than alive! You can only access 4% of the internet, the other 96% is hidden. The anticipation of whats behind the door pulls me. I like the mystery of the Dark Web. Like life, the odds that you will share the same experience on the Dark Web as someone else is astronomical. Each time you click on a link, there is a plethora of targeted sites you can visit. Clicking more and more leads you down this rabbit whole. The experience….in itself. The mystery of the Dark Web pulls on your fear of the unknown…grounds you out on the real fear of the “real world”. We play too much in Western Civilization and worry about our First World problems. When in reality, we should be fucking grateful we can sit safely in our living rooms and blog about random shit. But take a look on YouTube and listen to other’s experience on the dark web.


Side Note: Narcos on Netflix is pretty fucking great.


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