This Week’s Haul (091915)

On #BeerMeThree 008, Lagunitas was the topic and focused on their fan favorites like Lil’ Sumpin Sumpin and Lagunitas Sucks (good story about that name). On that episode, I was drinking their Maximus IPA, and like most IPAs, I thought it was delicious. Recently, I sampled their Pale Oat Ale, Equinox, which did not disappoint.

More recently, we discussed the 50% ownership of Lagunitas to Big Beer (dun dun dunn) Heineken. I do not fear quality going down like some others *cough [name]*, but think it’s a smart move to get access to wider distribution. With craftbrew saturating  the market, why not take this next move?

As I still develop my palette, I find it hard to provide specifics on the slight differences between this IPA and that IPA. Unless trying the different beers back-to-back, I won’t pretend throw BeerAdvocate pretentious ratings at you. For me it’s simple, Lagunitas has great beer at reasonable prices. In addition to proving their brewing expertise, the art work on the bottle is on point. I dig reading the long-winded descriptions on the bottle, the carefully placed Lagunitas dog mascot, and logo design. It’s always about the full experience for me. The art work has to draw you in…like a colorful peacock. Then, you hold that peacock in your hands, the weight feels good. Then, crack open that peacock and drink the brew masters concoction. Maybe a bad metaphor. Just look at all the artwork on craftbeers as male cockatoos during mating season, and you are the handsome female awaiting to be inseminated. These metaphors are failing and all about birds for whatever reason. I remember as a kid,  Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ ruining future visits to the zoo.

Anyways, I have a couple other beers to talk about. After my buddy Jake visited Adelbert’s Brewing in Austin, I noticed my eye seeking it at my next visit to the grocery store. Again, art work on point, even the man in the logo looks like my good buddy Jeremiah. The bottle also shares interesting back stories about the name of the beer. But overall, the thing that stands out about Adelbert’s, they only do Belgian ales…and do it quite well. Side note, do not drink a belgian ale after a double IPA….it’ll getcha.

Squatter’s Hop Rising turned out to be a great tasting double IPA. Not to sound too repetitive, but can artwork is on point. The cans look similar to Uinta’s HopNosh, but this comes from the Utah Co-op. Both as from Utah. Utah is where it’s at, right? Although, I will say…caution when opening these cans…foam everywhere….seriously….everywhere.




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