#LoveYTacos 005: #Missing43 and El Quincenero

Hello again fellow ranters. This episode of Love Y Tacos is the perfect way to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month. Freddy and I sit down to recap on the Missing 43, and then veer into child hood memories of growing up ‘Mexican’…Like when my parents thought it would be a great idea to throw me a quicnenera. But the guy version. That’s one thing I love about these monthly discussion with Freddy, I always view a child hood memory from a different vantage like when my parents forced my to stand up in front of the church at the age of 15 while unbeknownst to me, Freddy was in the audience watching the whole time and turned this event into one of his family’s inside jokes. Nonetheless, Love y Tacos is a great way for Freddy and I to talk ‘All things Mexican’ and a nice addition to the Empty Rant podcast. Check out the live recording on YouTube or the edited, nicely polished podcast on your favorite podcast catcher. Chale.


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