Alex and the 75th. [B&J’s Pizza – Corpus Christi]

My good buddy Alex was awarded his personal Mug for surpassing 75 beers at B&J’s Pizza in Corpus Christi.

This local chain has become one my favorites for beer AND pizza AND wings. Atmosphere is good, food is made fresh and some beers are brewed onsite. I will say, I feel like everyone that works there is mad at their dad….and dressed in goth or skaters. Not sure of the theme, I see families dining there all the time in addition to the younger crowd that accumulates around the bar. So it’s like high school, but later in life…I guess…Anyways, on a typical visit, I will order a pepperoni with jalapenos with a side of wings dipped in Jack’s sauce (a specialty of theirs). As I wait for my order, I have the option of picking from a plethora of beers from the cooler or ordering straight from the bar. Lately, I have been making my way through the beer being featured on tap. So much Beer…so little time.


But this last visit was no typical visit.

Alex and I were both drinking an Autumn Ale from Breckenridge Brewing (Pictured above). [Side note: Beer was on point; I also sampled Pumpking from Southern Tier…meh…] But I had to try Pumpking in an effort to aid @SlimT1213 on her search for the great pumpkin beer!

When Alex was scribbling down his 98th beer…he noticed he passed 75…



Once, we notified the proper personnel, learned some secret handshakes, and successfully completed orientation, Alex was ready to receive his personal mug. The mug that only he would ever drink from. The mug that would be only caressed by his soft hands. They mug that he could call….his own. Once prepped, the ceremony began.

20151018_181856 20151018_181853






There she stood in all her glory. 









Congratulations, Alex. We await for you to hit 150 beers. 


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