Inserting my tip……about Make-up Clutter

As I sit here thinking of what to write about on a regular basis to entertain you all and lighten your day with some humor; there are a lot of different directions I could go…stay with me. I’ve always had a knack for writing since Jr. High and always told in college by my professors to pursue a career in journalism. I pondered it for quite some time but elected to not go that route,but instead chose to major in Business. I’ve grown older and came to the realization that I miss writing regularity as it has been an avenue to vent, educate, or just plain entertain my audience. Growing older, you look at life differently with each passing day and take it all in with a grain of salt; the good with the bad and vice versa. You should always find the humor as well as knowledge in everything that happens. When I was a former blogger for my one my close and dear friends, Miguel Diaz (who is also the founder/chief in editor of EmptyRant) I would always find certain things that women would do to drive men insane and up a wall. Yet, as I said earlier; you grow, learn, and hopefully become wiser as you mature. Let’s be honest for a second though…both sexes know exactly what they’re doing when they are ticking off the other sex. I’m not saying there is justification for either sex, but sadly that is just the way our generation is…males and females want to establish the Alpha in the relationship, knowing damn well there is NO ALPHA! Over time, as I’ve watched interactions between males and females…I was just amazed at how blind we (male & female) are to it all. After stepping back and watching from a distance for a while, I figured I start helping by showing different viewpoints from both the male and female perspective; thus Dr. Jasso tips were born. Posting tips to help males and females has been one of the best and most enjoyable things I’ve ever done, more importantly it is just a way to shine light and help us (males) TRY and understand some of female logic as well as vice versa. Yes, I will always post tips on a daily because that is my favorite thing to do but that brings me as to why I’m here. I’ve decided I will be elaborating on my tips because sometimes I can be vague in my tips, so what better way than to go into detail in a blog. Now that I gave you all a small peak and introduction of what I plan on doing and why I’ve decided to return to Miguel’s website, let’s just dive right into it!!!!

Let me get one thing out of the way…this is all meant in good fun and maybe you’ll find some interesting information as to why we think the way we do or why the opposite sex does. Please, please, PLEASE DO NOT take offense to any of this; instead give opinions and enlighten me and others as to why you agree/disagree with my viewpoint. At the end of the day, we are all just trying to understand a little more about the opposite sex. Fella’s understand though, WE WILL NEVER, EVER understand a woman and that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, so get use to it, it’s life.

Now Ladies, is it NOT necessary to take up every conceivable flat surface in the bathroom…PLLLLLEAAASSEEEEE stop bringing half of MAC, Walgreens, Target, Wal-Mart and every other store that carries cosmetics with you everywhere we go.
You know being a guy, I never really realized how many things girls do to make us guy’s wonder “why?” they do, what they do! I find myself coming to the realization that men do the same thing to irritate women. Yes, at times I admit that men can do thing’s to make women annoyed or upset with us on purpose, but at the end of the day…we all know it’s all in good fun. So why do girls bring half of the store with them and set it up on every conceivable flat surface she can find in the bathroom? I mean really?!??!! I know women like to take their time to look beautiful for us and you will never hear a compliant from me, much less any other man ,but is it really necessary to take up the entire spouse’s space in the bathroom. Men are basic creatures after all; we just need our toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, Q-tip’s, lotion for skin so it doesn’t dry out, body wash, shampoo, and toilet paper; the essentials for a man. We don’t need make-up, hairspray, hair moose, loofahs, conditioner, etc. Men are amazed by how much women spend on make-up essentials in one year in the store. Speaking on behalf of the male gender, don’t give us the crap about “THERE’S A SALE!!!” Ummmmm NO!!! That does justify you spending that amount for all that. If men were off spending the same amount of money at Lid’s, Foot Locker, Under Amour, etc. you would kill us in a heartbeat. Yes, there are fella’s that spend an absurd amount at certain stores just cause they think they’re “balla’s” when in actuality they’re spending their girlfriends, wives, baby mommas, child support, or even their momma’s money without any damn shame whatsoever. That is the kind of shit I hate, which might be a topic in the near future but I digress. At times, hauling around all that make-up is justifiable, i.e.: wedding, dinner (so you can go to the powder room, as y’all like to say) yet how are men allowed to get ready in peace when you use the entire counter. Do you take into consideration that there aren’t double sinks all the time. How are can we brush our teeth and have minty fresh breath for morning kisses if you don’t even let us have our man space. You want that funky town from WAYYYYYY DOWNTOWN breath??? That answer is redundant of course but it is big fat stinky cheese N-O! A happy man makes for a happy healthy relationship, plus we’ll usually leave the toilet seat down as a common courtesy/award for taking us into consideration just a smidge more.

In all seriousness, all men are asking for from our female counterparts is a little more space in the bathroom. Remember, less clutter means men can get in and out within a time frame and out of your way so you can have your time to get ready as you please. We don’t ask for much when living together under one roof, just bare essentials, significant other being loved and knowing they’re being taken care of is enough for us. So next time you ladies are in the make-up aisle, just remember that you are sharing a bathroom for two. Just a little extra counter space is all we ask for, nothing more…nothing less…

Dr. Jasso


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